Obentrautstraße 55/57. A substantially renovated loft.

The Kurth Group built the office complex Obentrautstraße 55/57 in 1994.


A former printing factory, a beautiful industrial loft, is situated in the courtyard of the building complex. The former factory will be substantially renovated while retaining its historic appearance and certified to the KfW Efficiency House 70 standard. At the same time, the latest technology in terms of data, building and communication technology will be installed to create state-of-the-art and future-oriented workplaces.


Due to the refurbishment the property will reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 59%. Furthermore, the primary energy usage will be reduced by 70% and savings of final energy will amount to 83%. Compared to a conventionally modernised benchmark building, this office building will be saving 30% of primary energy usage.


The property will offer 1.800m² state-of-the-art office space which can be multi- or single-tenant used. A DGNB in use certification will be sought after the refurbishment.


m² Leasable area (Gif)


KfW efficiency house


Greenhouse gas emission reduction in %


Primary energy consumption reduction in %