Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

please understand that due to the corona virus situation and the appeal from politicians to avoid social contacts as far as possible, we will temporarily close our offices in Göttingen and Berlin for public access.

We would like to maintain contact with you. You have the opportunity to reach out to us by phone or via e-mail. Our employees are available for you in order to continue answering all your concerns professionally.

Viewing appointments can still take place as usual. Our telephone emergency service will, of course, also be maintained.

We thank you for your understanding and your cooperation.

Kurth Group

We provide our customers with a safe home. Sustainable and tenant friendly

The project Christianshöhe, Auf dem Lohberge, Kirschberg and Eisenacher Straße in Göttingen is a well embedded  residential complex that exemplifies tenant-friendly living. Built in the 1950s, the complex with a large number of 1-5 room rental apartments offers a broad spectrum of sustainable rental requirements and also reflects a positively diverse multi-generational mix. Many of the tenants have been living in the properties for more than 20 years and moved within the buildings when their families were founded or their children moved out. Some of the habitants have been with us from the day of completion. 


Over the past decades, the facilities have been continuously renovated when required or during moving periods and vacancies. In recent years, extensive energy modernisation has been carried out to optimise the ecological footprint of the buildings.

For decades, complex real estate concepts for commercial, residential and purpose-built properties have been developed and implemented with the highest level of expertise. A qualified team of employees is committed to all services from project development to realisation.

In addition to the purchase/acquisition of properties for development up to the point of construction maturity/building permit, the Kurth Group also continuously invests in existing properties. As a professional and financially strong partner, real estate purchases and sales can be handled quickly, confidentially and without complications.

The Kurth Group has been managing its own portfolio for generations. The competent team of employees covers the areas of asset management, real estate letting, contract drafting and commercial support in-house.

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